Don't just take our word for it, we have lots of very happy clients who have been successfully treated by Targetfit Physiotherapy.
I initially sought out an alternative therapy treatment that would not feel evasive or aggressive but might be supportive and calming, particularly as I knew that the physical ailments I was experiencing was stress related. Reflexology therefore fitted the requirements perfectly.

The experience of Reflexology with Teresa has been excellent. She takes time to listen to and discuss physical symptoms and connect them to the emotional state. This is something that I feel conventional medicine is generally not interested in, but her approach makes the whole person feel valued.

The treatment is very relaxing which in itself is therapeutic, and over the weeks of experiencing the treatments I have found my physical symptoms have lessened gradually and I have a better level of energy.

Teresa’s approach is to the individual person, and I think therefore the effect of the treatment is also specific to the individual.

I would warmly recommend anyone who is looking for an alternative treatment to enable them to feel better physically or emotionally to try Reflexology because it is such a gentle yet effective treatment.
Miss B
Aged 44, Chelmsford

Having suffered back and neck problems from a car accident over a year ago, I came to see Alex to receive some physiotherapy to help sort me out.

Alex was extremely professional in his diagnosis of whiplash and helped me through exercises and manipulation to get myself back on track.

I will always be thankful to Alex for his assistance in getting me back to full health and would recommend him to anyone who is struggling with some sort of injury or niggle.
Steve Drummond
Aged 25, Chigwell

Reflexology creates a feeling of well-being and has a strong calming influence. I really enjoy my monthly sessions.

I know when I have missed my monthly session of Reflexology, as I feel listless, “out of sorts”. The treatment by Teresa always helps me to relax and keep an even outlook.
Mr & Mrs C
Aged 67, Chelmsford
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